Windows of Heaven 
Released: February 1999
The Light (, Ginger & Metaphysics) (Kantner) 5:45 
See The Light (Barish) 4:38 
Borderlands (Kantner) 3:35 
Ways Of Love (Barish) 4:10 
Later On (Balin 5:10 
Let Me Fly (Kantner) 5:43 
The Windows Of Heaven (FUTR) (Kantner) 6:12 
Shadowlands (Kantner) 4:40 
I'm On Fire (Kantner) 3:25 
Goddess (Balin) 4:12 
Let It Live (Balin 4:36 
Millennium Beyond (Frontera Luminosa) (Kantner) 7:58 
Yes Yes Yes (Kazumasa Oda) 5:15 

Band Lineup:

Paul Kantner - Vocals, Acoustic and Electric 12 string guitar,
Glass Harmonica, Synthesizer, banjo.
Marty Balin - Vocals and Accoustic Guitar.
Jack Casady - Bass
Diana Mangano - Vocals
Slick Aguilar - Lead Guitar
T Lavitz - Piano, Synthesizer, Hammond B-3 Organ.
Prairie Prince - Drums and percussion, Celtic Drum,
Electronic and Alien Percussion, Marimba, Rainstick.
Darby Gould - Lead Vocal on "Shadowlands".
Amy Escolere - Supporting Vocal on "Shadowlands".
Grace Slick - Vocals on "I'm On Fire"
Tim Gorman - Piano and Synthesizer on "Shadowlands"
Tony Menjivar - LP Congars on Marty's songs.
Alexander Kantner - Additional Guitar on "Let Me Fly"