Nuclear Furniture
Released: May 1984 - Highest Chart Position: #28
Layin' It On The Line (Chaquico/Thomas) 4:09 
No Way Out (P. Wolf/I. Wolf) 4:22 
Sorry Me, Sorry You (P. Sears/J. Sears) 4:07 
Live and Let Live (P. Sears/J. Sears) 3:50 
Connection (Kantner/Thomas) 4:27 
Rose Goes To Yale (Kantner/Gilbert 2:56 
Magician (Wolf/Slick) 3:23 
Assassin (P. Sears/J. Sears) 3:52 
Shining In The Moonlight (Chaquico/Thomas) 3:38 
Showdown (Slick) 3:22 
Champion (Kantner/Gilbert) 4:40 

Band Lineup:

Paul Kantner - Rhythm, Electric, Acoustic Guitars, Banjo and Vocals.
Grace Slick - Vocals
Mickey Thomas - Vocals
David Freiberg - Keyboards and Vocals
Pete Sears - Bass and Keyboards
Craig Chaquico - Lead Guitars and Rhythm Guitars
Donny Baldwin - Drums, Percussion and Vocals.
Peter Wolf - Synthesizers, Keyboards, Linn Drum Programming.
Brian Macleod - Simmons Electric Drums on "Magician".