Freedom at Point Zero
Released: November 1979 - Highest Chart Position: #10
Jane (Freiberg/McPherson/Chaquico/Kantner) 4:11 
Lightning Rose (Kantner) 4:36 
Awakening (J Sears/P Sears) 4:45 
Things To Come (P Kantner/C W Kantner) 8:03 
Girl With The Hungry Eyes (Kantner) 3:29 
Just The Same (P Sears/J Sears/Soest/Chaquico) 5:18 
Rock Music (Chaquico/J Sears) 3:36 
Fading Lady Light (P Sears/J Sears/Unobski) 3:40 
Freedom At Point Zero (Kantner) 4:28 

Band Lineup:

Paul Kantner - Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Mickey Thomas - Vocals
David Freiberg - Vocals, Bass and Keyboard
Pete Sears - Bass and Keyboard
Craig Chiquico - Lead Guitar
Aynsley Dunbar - Drums/Percussion