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Posted by Carl on 03/21/02 - 09:19:14
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Bombay is my favorite martini gin also but I lean towards the Sapphire.  Took a little time but I drink more of it than I do the regular Bombay.  Extra-extra-dry, on the rocks or straight up, twist of lemon and olive.  How else can I get through Kevin's posts?  And oil/gas is cheaper than Bombay so don't waste the Bombay in your tank...that's what ethenol is for.

Great political cartoon in todays paper showing Cheney meeting with Saudis to discuss peace process and why the US should not attack Iraq.  Cheney needed a translator and Saudis showed him a barrel of oil...Cheney understood immediately. We should all now see the direct correlation between war and Kevin's environmentally friendly SUV.  At least his licence plate is...


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