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Posted by Cricket on 03/21/02 - 07:50:59
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Oh, your post made me so happy!  (And it's 4:30 a.m.!)  A WRINKLE IN TIME was one of my all-time favorites, & is a gift I think I've given every niece, nephew, & all of my friends' kids.  I LOVED that book (& have a vague childhod recollection of feigning some sort of illness in order to stay home from school & re-read it). Time to re-read again...

I never read THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH -- but on your recommendation will buy it tonight (sorry, everyone else: quick announcement for the locals: wonderful poetry reading -- Alice Jones -- at Diesel Books in Rockridge (Oakland) tonight @ 7:30 p.m.).

Eth, would you sometime make up a list of books you love for kids (& for the rest of us who still hang with them, either literally or in spirit?).  I'd love that.  

p.s.  The little pooper-buddha on deck will be a month old in a few more days: not too soon for mom & dad to start stocking his library!  [M.C. could we have at least a monthly Emmett report?  Can you imagine finding time yet?]

Anyway, thanks again, Eth...

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