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Posted by Ethelmom on 03/20/02 - 18:10:54
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I guess we're afraid to really carry on a PRODUCTIVE discussion for TOO long.  Then we might logically have to conclude that we agree on something. If that happened we might be logically compelled to take ACTION on something. Scary thought.

We could always TABLE a 'Must act'list,
to preserve our laziness.  I usually do--but I'm not proud of it.

PS and Kevin ---you don't even like Benny's
good thoughts???  Don't respond harshly--if you please.  He was nice to let me post it----#9902

His teacher appreciated it,
....and his dad and I did, too.

Honestly now--not just to be 'anti'.

Ben has a couple of good points there!
Course, I'm his mom..........

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