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Posted by W7 on 03/20/02 - 17:37:37
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Don't try to confuse everyone by showing a handle like mine, because then we will all start checking each other's numbers again.  The next thing you know we will be wearing these bow-wow numbers tatooed onto our foreheads so that the system can scan us and go "okay you have permission to fart" to help stop global warming, or "here is your one liter of gasoline for the month (notice my use of the metric system in my vision of the future) hope it gets you were you are going to go" to help us conserve.  Why complain about the oil companies, I'm buying the latest in road hog autos, my own personal tank.  I get 2 inches to the liter oops I mean the liter.
As  for attacking Kevin and not the issue I would NEVER pick on Kevin!!!  Not until I'm ready to, and in my own way.  Kevin this was not my math formula above,  why don't we join forces against Browser (are you bi-numerical also?)
and attack with the chemical formulation of a Martini?

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