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Posted by W7 on 03/20/02 - 17:04:30
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Up in the sky, I ain't had no lovin since Jan, Feb,.. how about June and July?

Don't lay any responsibility for Kevin's Latino slant on me,  point those death rays in another direction.  Here let me help you focus...
Kevin  + Latin= Pulverization

Gallery  Observations :
One gallery official said "This is art work from Grace Slick of Aerosmith", so I quickly corrected her "Oh no Grace sang for the Jamaican Aeroplane"
Some chick walked in and said "I thought Grace Slick was an Asian artist, then went out disgruntled complaining about her mother's trust and blah, blah, if someone wanted to hit her on the head and steal her pocketbook.  And one poor guy had to take a second out on his home to help make the night a success.  Later when he saw someone complaining about paying an extra $400.00 for a frame he could buy at ArtMart for $25.00 he quickly got him a glass of wine so there would be no big art scandal.  Turns out he was the second biggest contributor to the Grace Slick Mythology.  The oddest thing is that Art Patrons from slightly higher up on the American Caste System bought less than regular people (although one guy was coming back to buy 5 or 6 of her original paintings because they were such a good value).  I guess its true that Grace has always been popular with us regular guys, and that it will continue to be the people that support her in her art endeavors by taking home some great images.

Only 8 days left to the transformation!

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