suv's oil and kevin

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Posted by rusty on 03/20/02 - 16:02:13
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 wow kevin i hope you are actually just sarcastically playing devil's advocate.  If not i guess you don,t listen to the words of any kantner stuff. if you are really what you say you are why do you even like the airplane,starship et al?  why waste your time on a board where you will be among a bunch of "hippie,liberal,tree hugging types. why not go right to one of the many "conservative" message boards.  i"ll let others deal with your psuedo facts and less than well informed opinions. let me stoop to your level for just a bit and tell you that i won't get into an argument with you because I MAKE IT A POLICY NOT TO GET INTO A BATTLE OF WITS WITH SOMEONE WHO IS UNARMED.

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