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Posted by Mike on 03/20/02 - 12:26:59
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Terrible pun but I just woke up. I ran this by a couple of folks. Mom said "You're not loco! Why are you asking that are you crazy?!" The phone buddies (Deadheads) pretty much all said "don't give yrself too much credit. Yer just a normal wanker like the rest of us"-One did call me a Drama Queen... Local? Until I got a gig here in TX doing Elder Care I used to be bicoastal & spent a few months a year in the NY/Philly area & a few months in the Bay Area-One day hopefully I will bag the Drop-out Cop-out routine & rejoin Society. "Bow down to S.F. Ladies, Bow Down to S.F. Crazies"-Million

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