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Posted by Eddie on 03/20/02 - 06:35:15
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Hi Paul

You're right of course the whole world could go under this heading. I suppose you just expect a people like the Irish who have experienced racism and discrimination themselves (in the 50's in England boarding houses used to have signs that read No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish) to be a bit more tolerant.

I suspect it hasn't made news across your side of the pond but it's really a nasty business here. A Chinese student was beaten to death in Dublin less than a month ago because he was Chinese.

The Government is trying to tackle this, it's Racism Awareness Week right now, but we don't even have Hate Crime Legislation in place.

Of course I'm not trying to paint the whole population as mad rampaging racists, I'm English and I've lived and worked here for five years without a days hassle (well the odd 'why don't you get your hair cut ?').

Ireland unlike a lot of European countries never went through the Industrial Revolution it has jumped from an agricultural 19th Century, rural, mono cultural society in one go to a 21st century High Tec multi-cultural one, I'm not kidding this is literally what happened in the last 15 years. Things that happened in the US or UK are now here and it's left a lot of people in a spin.

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