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Posted by Ethel an Ray on 03/20/02 - 01:56:48
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This is such a good discussion.  

Our little Benny (age 28), recently recently returned to college and wrote this argument for the development of alternative fuels.  It is not based on vast factual input, although Ben felt ultra-limited in the words allowed for the topic, after doing his cursory investigation.

He said I could post it.

Hi,  Dear Editor,

    America is a world leader. Accepting that fact, it baffles me that we allow ourselves to be dependent on other countries to provide us with a
majority (58% in 2000 according to the Department of Energy) of our energy. We ought use our economic resources and incredible scientific minds to pursue an alternative energy to fossil fuels.
    It’s insane to rely on and support countries where the prevailing sentiment is death to America. The Persian Gulf controls 65% of the world’s oil and 34% of the world’s natural gas according to the Department of Energy (DoE). If these countries cut off our supply, how long would our sources last?
    Energy usage will increase from 99.3 quadrillion to 130.9 quadrillion Btu by 2020 according to the DoE. Like any commodity, prices will rise as supplies dwindle and demand increases. Wouldn’t it make more sense to
undertake an infrastructure overhaul now, before the cost of the energy required to power this enormous conversion is any higher?
    The huge task of weaning ourselves from fossil fuels, including retrofitting cars, planes, power plants, building distribution
infrastructure, etc, will occur at a great cost. But aren’t true costs of using fossil fuels high as well? A report by the Ontario Medical Association says human lives lost as a result of pollution are estimated at 1,800 per year in Ontario and one billion dollars per year is the cost to the economy and health care system of Canada.
    A task this great needs to be supported and initiated by civic leaders. This job requires intense commitment from our government. The rewards are tremendous, cleaner air, healthier people, and most importantly, independence.
                                              Ben Todd, concerned citizen

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