Dat ol' debbil guvmint again

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Posted by Ammianus Marcellinus on 03/19/02 - 21:58:39
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"I'll buy as many SUV's & drive 'em as far I want, subject to my personal economic restraints, thank you very much."

Actually the restraints on SUVs are negative -- they're actually government subsidies -- the biggest one is the subsidy the government places upon the price of gasoline, making it seem cheaper to drive low-mileage vehicles than it actually is.  You pay only a fraction of the cost of oil drilling, global petroleum distribution, and US defense of the Saudi oil fields (the world's largest, by far) when you fill 'er up at the pump.

 (This is not to mention the corporate welfare that is doled out to the automotive industry, the road networks the government creates to subsidize car travel etc., looking pretty much like "socialism for drivers"...)

If the government's subsidies to the car-driving industry were to cease, the economy of SUV-driving would change significantly.

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