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Posted by carolyn on 03/19/02 - 19:39:45
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originally written and posted by my lyme friend Judy Williams at

1. sudden onset of multiple personality disorder.

2. hell-bent to tell the "truth" especially on any    given "politically incorrect" subject.

3.  frightening, complete reordering of priorities     (these new priorities run close to those of
   Mother Terese.

4. talking like you are Mother Terese.

5.  a sleepeng pattern resembling the long rest of
   hibernating bears or worse condition of     inability to sleep even upon administration
   of meds to killl a pair of rhinos.

6.  sudden realization you made a major mistake
   in the choosing of your husband.

7.  a diagnosis from at least 3 (i set a minimal     record of 2 -Judy) , often more (up to 15)
   MDs that reads "psychosomatic disorder".

   (i have the more common 15+ - carolyn)

8.  an extreme propensity (albeit usually     accurate) to find lyme in others.

9. an ability to lose approx 100 things a day,
  followed by an inability to find them although
  80% of them are exacltly where they're supposed
  to be.

10.  verbal dyslexia, i.e. saying the word "cow"
    when the word "pencil" was called for. (not
    a close match.

11.  seeing double (i.e. seeing 2 of your           husband(s) when you don't want
    to see one of him.

12. getting lost i your car though you are only 2     houses away from you home and your irish     setter is pionting at your house.

13. forgetting if you just took i zithromax or 12.

14. losing mot or all of approx 30 pages of paper
   w/pertinent info., i.e. lyme support members
   phone no.'s, Burrascanno's protocol,     directions for how to put out a fire, you
   recently lost the fire extinguisher itself).

15. mood swings greater than jungle animals.

16.  tmies when you should keep your mouth shut
    because of complete cognitive dysfunction,      but you don't.

17. ESP alternating with "clueless".

18. deciding to commit suicide while in a complete
   state of mental anguish by smoking yourself
   to death, but too lethargic to go out and by

19.  inability to spell "the" - it just doesn't      look right.

20.  rages in which you throw and break every      phone in the house , therefore making it      impossible to call for help.

21. confusion caused by having all of 2 things on
   on your "to do" list for the day.

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