List additions -- and let's kill the Bradford pear trees

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Posted by Jim Brent on 03/19/02 - 19:13:42
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To this list stated in this most timely message I'd add:
-The Red Cross, the United Way and other self-serving "charitable" organizations
-The National Education Association (promoting ignorance everywhere)
-The NAACP and other shakedown organizations
-The Postal Service (?)
-Airport Security  (federal control didn't solve the problem; big surprise); and, last but not least
-  The idiots who are planting Bradford Pear trees all over the place trying to "help" the environment. Yes, they're pretty when they bloom, but they stink and aggravate allergy problems.  When they grow taller, their weak branches split, leaving a mess everywhere. Thank God they also have weak root systems.

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