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Posted by carolyn on 03/19/02 - 13:57:15
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hi Don,

you sound like a very strong person.  i went through a lot of traumas in my life and handles everything well up until a point.

i even had the other kind of lime thrown in my eyes when i was five.  helen o'conner down the street, one of 10 or 13 children of alcholic parents got a hold of some lime, they were doing an addition of her house, and threw a handful in my eyes.  i screamed and the mother woke up, carried me into the house and kept splashing water in my eyes.  i had eye patches on both eyes for a while, and one on my left eye for months.
they never told me if i was going to lose my vision or not.  i remember having to be fed some foods, because i could not see to eat them.  very undignified to a five yr old.  i was born with a pencil in my hand, so the thought of not beiang able to draw again was not good.  i think the eye dr i went to was the only good dr i've ever been t in my life.  he was kind, as was his nurse, and he saved my vision.  i have 20/15 vision both near and far, although still some minor things wrong from head injuries/lyme infection.

kari was my best friend, but was away, so thats why i was playing with agnry mean helen.  but i held no resentment and even eventually played with her again.  strange that thomas j o'conner, the eye dr i went to when i was literally about to die from lyme, got so red faced and angry when i mentioned her.  and i did not think it had anything t do with my current eye problems other than sensitivity to light.  he was nasty to my then 3 yr old son, yelling at him to go sit in the corner when he tried to climb on my lap.  i had double vision, floaters, pin point flashes of light, eyes going out of alignment, print looked light and dark in patches, letters would not stay still, and sometimes while attempting t read a book, the page would get suddenly further away.  i looked sick.  couldn't even string sentences together.  he refused to give me a referal to specialists i needed to see and wrote im my records there ws nothing wrong with me.  i had serious neuro things wrong, heart block, and by september, lyme meningitis.  severe pain, severe insomnia, hardly eating, not able to take care of myself let alone my kids.  sick , undiagnosed children, husband overwhelmed and also as sick as me, and people around me making things even harder.  destroyed my faith in humanity.

then i find out that i had just kept getting sick all my life with a politically incorrect dsease the drs don't have to treat.  when we went to nantucket in '91 and i contracted babesia, that is when i started getting extremely ill w/cns symptoms.  then i find out it is redicoulously common,  most people don't get as sick as i got, but from talking to people, find out that a suprising number of people are getting really messed up by this.  children are being born with this and going undiagnosed.  given psychatric meds for behavior problems.

the upenn primary care phycican i went to i have since found out prides himself in not believing lyme exists.  your knee swells up and it goes away wether you get treated or not.he graduated from tufts univ '79.  that is the alan steere school of medicne.  murderer with medical degrees who work for the insurence companies, not their patients.  working with the attorny general to see if i can bring charges against mr schwartz and the others.  very dangerious people.  he knew he was doing me harm.

as Cheryl on lymenet wrote to one mf my posts "what is the difference between a victim and an activist?  a victim says "why me?"  and an activist says "why anyone".

support your local lyme lilterate medical dr!  it is a huge epedemic not being honestly reported in the media.  babesia is currenly on the rise especally in NJ and PA and that in combo with lyme can be deadly.  i do know.  upenn has a rep for humiliating lyme patients.  but they advertize themselves as "the best".  things are really bad out there.  i'm up for some civil disobediaence!

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