Carolyn..........and being sad

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Posted by don aters on 03/19/02 - 10:29:59
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It can only be a sad commentary if one allows such a thing.  I don't let any of those events from my past "Rain on my parade".  My Mother used to say that the reason those traumatic events happened to me is that i would deal with it and not allow it to overwhelm me and finally succomb to the evil of those events.
The down time was absorbed with listening to JA?JS, Moby grape, Big brother and raising four children that i didn't make.
It is like Sam Andrew once EMed to me, "God only sends the events that we can handle".
It wasn't the life i expected but...........images of icons of the day, being involved in huge festivals and bands has been the saving grace.
People like PK, Sam, Peter Albin, Chet Helms and others, make it all worth the pain.
Peace and hugs

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