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Posted by Eddie on 03/19/02 - 05:38:57
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Hi Eth

Yes that respect does extend to all kinds artists. I think it's deeply rooted in the old bardic tradition of the Celts. In Ireland unlike a lot of European countries traditional native music is still a living breathing thing that is out there, in my small town (Ardee pop.3000) I can catch local traditional musicians for free at least three nights a week, and this would be true of practically every town and village in Ireland.

Ireland is a land of contradictions, on the one hand an African musician can come here and play to wide acclaim and respect but on the other hand we have a lot of African immigrants (Nigerian mostly) beeing regularly physically attacked because of their race !.

There isn't really a class system here the way that there is in England, Irish people are very get up and go, appearance isn't a big deal here. Despite  being a man with waste length thick black hair and a silver earing I hold a senior position with an American IT company (Compaq to be exact).

I must seem to be painting a negative picture of Ireland but I don't think I'd want to live anywhere else, I have a pleasant life in beautiful countryside, I can see the Cooley Mountains from my garden and be on the beach in half an hour and my kids Oscar and Bronwyn are safe and happy. Ireland is in terms of statehood a young country and it is only now just moving from being a mono to a multi cultural society so it's going through a lot of growing up pains, but it's getting there.

Co Louth

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