joke ideas fir april 1st

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Posted by carolyn on 03/18/02 - 15:35:36
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here are some jokes i played at work yrs ago on 4/1.  maybe will inspire you.

when i was a teenager, i worked at a small office building w/about 25 coworkers.  there was a drexel student named sean and another teenager named jim who i paled arund with.  near my desk was a coat closet and there was another coat closet in the empty front lobby.  so, i suggested to my buddies that every time we get up we take a couple of coats from one closet and switch them with coats in the other until we had all the coats switched.  lunch time came around and there was a back log of people at the closets because no one could find thier coat.  finding this very amusing watching from my desk, i started giggling.  that tipped them off and they figured out the coats had been switched.  not very happy people.  i guess they lost precious lunch minutes.

middle age office workers are suprisingly attached to their coffee mugs.  everytime someone looked away or left their coffee mug unattended, sean and jim would grab it and hide it in the empty desk drawer of one of the guys my boss ted had fired.  ted was especially grouchy.  made sure we got his mug.  at first people just thought they misplaced their mug and went around asking if we had seen it, but then they realized someone was stealing them.  of course i was their main suspect, they even searched my desk drawers.  but since i had not done any of the actual thieving except for ted's mug, i could innocently answer i had not stolen their mugs.  they were not at all happy about having to drink out of little styrofoam cups for a day.  we stayed after work and washed out all the mugs,some of which looked like they had not been washed in years, and left them neatly on paper towels in the kitchenette to be retreived the next day.  no thanks yous.

one of the older guys hid the secretaries telephone and she missed to calls.  we thougt of doing that , but rejeted the idea because it could interfere witn buissiness.  if we had done it, they would have lopped off our heads, but because an old guy did it, it was considered funny.

every friday, we went to a tavern in the small town where i worked for a sandwhich and a beer.  sean was a coke fiend and usually didn't have any money and borrowed from me , so i could be reasonably sure he would not have any money that friday.  there was a waitress from ireland who worked there and was especially fond of sean that was in on our joke.  i took a few bites of my sandwich and then excused myself to go the the ladies room, but instead walked thru the kitchen and out the back door. after a few minutes, jim told sean he was going in the kitchen to get some hot peppers to slip into my sandwhich , but instaed, walked out the back door, met up with me and we both walked aruond the block to look in the front window and watch sean.  sean was very gullible, so this was especially fun.  sean was looking quite uncomfortable and nervious.  the waitress was stopping by his table and saying things llike "if your friends don't come back, you are responsible for the bill.  yu do have money don't you sean?"  and " if yuo can't pay the bill, we will have to put you to work in the kitchen to wash dishes".  finnally, she couldn't stand to see him suffer so she told him we had payed the bill already.  april fools!  got back to work late, and got dirty looks, but it was worth it.

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