I hate preppie!  hate it, Hate it, HATE IT!!!

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Posted by W7 on 03/18/02 - 14:35:59
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And I know that Kevin hates it too, so if I ever meet him I will be sure to go out and by the most preppie clothes, then in front of a large crowd of people I will take off my jacket, drop my pants, and moon him.  All the people there will So Into Themselves that they will  not even notice this occurring.  He will probably start snapping his fingers and barking orders!  That's Kevin Seven for you!!

Another thing.. from this weekend,  I thought I would go to a gallery opening, so I called before hand, and because I come from a VERY conservative county asked "Is this black tie?"  and the girl in the gallery goes  "these are Rock people!  they wear ROCK clothes!"   What the hell are "rock" clothes?

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