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Posted by John on 03/18/02 - 02:57:03
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34 years ago today, At 3 am, the staff of San Francisco's "progressive" rock station KMPX-FM walks out on strike citing a lack of control  
over programming and "hassles over the whole long-hair riff."  
Performers like the Rolling Stones, Joan Baez, the Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead request the station not play their music as  
long as the station is run by strikebreakers. (1968)

32 years ago Country Joe McDonald is convicted for obscenity and  
find $500 for leading a crowd in his infamous Fish Cheer ("Gimme an F..!") at a concert in Massachusetts. (1970)

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Grateful Dead
Postcards of the Hanging: Grateful Dead Perform the Songs of Bob Dylan
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Jefferson Airplane / Jefferson Starship /Starship
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Cheech & Chong
Where There's Smoke (new 2 CD compilation)

Amy Grant
Her Greatest Inspirational Songs
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1971 interview with PK:

italian JA/J*S website:

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