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Posted by Eth on 03/17/02 - 18:41:48
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I just must say that this post is so incorrect.

I'm not mad or anything, but I wasn't thinking of Jay at ALL whan I made that post.  AND I NEVER said a black women on the board should respond.
I'm not going to hunt for that post---but that's definately NOT what I said.  And if I called for ANY participation, it would have been that of other males.

You say lots of incorrect things at times, Kevin, just to be inflammatory.  
That's a misrepresentation of the truth.

For instance, you once said I had a problem with Jesus-----and I have never talked about Jesus on this board in my life!

You once said I had a problem with Paul.  I have never had a problem with Paul in my life!

There are a great many views of what's most luscious and desirable.  That's all I mean't to point out out to you.

But the Keviban wants everyone to share his fundamental standard for female beauty.
So I say that's a double, double standard right there!

I think I've Stated my case!

Just Yolkin' on Paul's BD
--so don't make it serious now!

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