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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 03/17/02 - 12:20:34
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What are you the Supreme Mullah of the San Francisco TaliDon Hippie Fundamentalist Movement?  Does everything you say have to be, and so it is as I say, so say'eth the TaliDon?  Does the TaliDon believe people should only be listening to the fundamental music of 60's San Francisco bands that the TaliDon sanctions?  Is Lapdog, Viking Lapcat, Jerry Miller, Bob Mosley, David La Flame, and Peter Albin the spiritual Omans who perpetrate the sacred psychedelic music according to the screaming rantacisms of Prophet Mohammed Graham?  Is the Fillmore the Mecca of sacred trips and jam sessions?  Are people converted to Hippie Fundamentalism by whispering in their ear at birth and death: There is only one true Haight Asbury and the TaliDon is its messenger?

An inquiring Velvet Underground fan wants to know?

Give the Mule's Jackass thing a rest ...

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