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Posted by Adrian on 03/16/02 - 19:04:24
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I think I speak for all the UK-based people when I say that we'd be only too happy to see anyone who made the trip over!!

If anyone ever does decide to do this, let me know. A couple of years ago, I set up a little e-mail distribution list to help co-ordinate plans for a Fultonites & friends get-together before the 2000 London show. As this went down really well, we decided to try and have a regular get-together at least once a year (hopefully linked with a JS show!!). Anybody who decides to make the long trip over is more than welcome to attend the next one (whenever that may be.....), and all you need to do in order to get all the details is send me an e-mail letting me know you're coming.

The usual pattern is to meet up in a pub (preferably one that does hot food) mid-afternoon, with people drifting in as and when they can. After a few drinks and food for those who want it, we'll then make a move to the venue and hope to take over the front row!!

Even if there's no JS show when you plan on coming over, but you feel like meeting up with a few like-minded souls, let me know so that I can pass your message on to everyone on the list (not everyone's on 2400fulton or checks in here..) to see who's interested & available.


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