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Posted by Chirper on 03/16/02 - 10:16:31
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So, I've been thinking: There's a lot of concern about filling halls & arranging publicity... Why not stack the house?
My guess is that if a UK tour were planned WAY in advance, a number of us from this side of the pond could start saving our pennies & reserving vacation dates, etc. and we could take a little jaunt to go meet our Brit friends & hear the band.  If enough of us did this, we could book hotel rooms & ground transportation at a discount...
As for publicity, well, having read a few of Rich's & Dave's & Chris Hager's posts -- more than enough to get a sense of what kind of _____  a group traveling with them would be in for -- I suspect SOMETHING (godknowswhat) this gang'd do at shows would guarantee, besides handcuffs, a certain amount of attention...

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