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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 03/15/02 - 22:29:16
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I finally had a chance to listen to PERRO I & II today (it arrived on Tue).  First, it wasn't what I expected and that I find what I received very impressive.  The raw workings of all the songs had a purity that is missing in the final product.  Hearing how each musician works together in a lose environment to get it right brings a new dimension to the end product.  The work-in-progress on The Mountain Song was the most interesting to me.  The sound quality was extremely impressive.  As for the bass on the PERRO session, it was warm and deep.  Some commercial CD's don't have as good a bass sound as the PERRO CD's.  

The three out-takes from BVTBCN was also interesting.  The sound quality wasn't up to the same standard as the PERRO sessions.  But I'm not going to complain because it was still excellent.  

What I love about these out-takes is that it is one step below the final product I am familiar with and brings a new intimate dimension to the music.

Great stuff!!!

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