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Posted by Liz on 03/15/02 - 19:03:14
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I read, I thought, and I ran out of time.... can THAT happen??

We should discuss books in the library on our great cyber-ship.  I would rather argue about the merits of a book than argue about certain bands & musicians.

I am reading:  Artful Players... artistic life in early San Francisco.

My favorite secion to date:

(regarding Oscar Wildes visit to the City in 1882)
"Convinced that Wilde was indeed a kindred spirit, Tavernier and Strong invited him to their studio for tea.  The news of the invitation caused anxiety at home... After all, Wilde was English, and the English always drank tea in the afternoon.  So, tea it was, even though Strong, just to play it safe, insisted on brewing some of his famous rum punch as well, convinced that none of it would go to waste.  Then there was the question as to what would be the proper edibles to go with the tea.  Someone mentioned fried oysters.  Someone else suggested scones, but no one really seemed to know what they were.  Finally Stoddard, with the authority that came with his role as the group's chief of protocal, reassuered everybody that "thin slices of bread and butter and pound cake were the correct and only thingfs to serve."

On the day of the party everything was ready for the distinguished guest.  Tavernier had painted the skylight full of roses.  Sing Lee, the artists' Chinese helper, had brewed the tea and brought the tea cups.  The guests were all lined up - artists, writers, actors, a handful of token society girls.  Lizzie glowed "in her black silk dress with its slim waist and long train sweeping the floor, touched at the neck and sleeves with white lace."  Sing wore a mandarin hat and richly brocaded gown, his queue braided with strands of scarlet silk.  Wilde arrived late (for effect), swept through the studio door, threw off his cape, raised one eyebrow, and took in the room and its contents in one long and cold aesthetic stare:  the decorated skylight, the bowing Chinese next to the tea service, Strong's portrait of his friend Frank Duveneck over the rear door, the leering Japanese idols, the porcelain bric-a-brac, the shells, the beaded mossasins, the peacock, and the skulls of Texas longhorns.  "This is where I belong!" he cried out.  "This is my atmosphere!  I didn't know such a place existed in the whole United States!"

What a great City San Francisco was, is and shall forever be!!!!!!

Another favorite passage has to do with "the Bohemian Blowout, given one summer's night at the home of the Strong sisters".....  perhaps one of our JS3C gatherings could be named so in honor of that event and those times!!!

I ran out of time to answer your message because I was preparing for another SF adventure.... Eth & Ray & Cricket & I and Whoever Else we be having our OWN Bohemian Blowout this weekend.... wish you were here!!!!  

I am reading the message board and writing to you at the Business Center of the Grand Hyatt.... kind of odd, people keep coming in to the office with WORK....  but, hey, I'm a guest here, too ... FYIDW3!!!!!!  

FYI: my excuse for this weekends adventure is a sculpture workshop in Berkeley.... I will be learning to do patinas and carried a 26 pound bronze sculpture with me on the airplane...  interesting getting THAT through airline security!!!!!!!!

Cheers!!!!  Liz

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