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Posted by Bob Ulius on 03/15/02 - 11:11:06
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I woke up this morning before 5 AM dreaming about Ride the Tiger. Couldn't go back to sleep, so did a web search for this site. First time here.

Found mention of the Spirit of '67. Couldn't believe that Vanilla Fudge will play with the Starship.I saw them many times and always felt they were years ahead of their time. For me, their albums had an equal impact to my life as Sargeant Pepper.

Will there be any shows together on the West Coast or should I look up Clarkston, MI and try to make this? Who is still with Fudge? I imagine Carmine is still playing, but Mark, Vinny, Tim?

Appreciate any info so I can plan a bit of my summer.


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