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Posted by Cricket on 03/15/02 - 09:17:44
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...is right, & just what I needed at 5:45 on a Friday morning. (Also nice to have something friendly & funny on deck again.  Thanks, John!)

p.s. Speaking of our wacky friends in the UK, I'm right now enjoying a live, mostly country album
from a band called "The GP's" that, according to Dave Pegg, lasted "all of 6 gigs".  (Other members: Richard Thompson, Ralph McTell, Dave Mattacks)
There are some fine covers/reinterpretations of Hank Williams, Buck Owens & Woody Guthrie songs -- plus, for this Deadhead, a surprise: what I recognized as "Viola Lee [New Minglewood] Blues" (credited by the Dead to Noah Lewis) turns up here as a song called "Penitentiary Bound," credited "Trad." w/ arrangement by Thompson et al.).  This really has nothing at all to do with your post -- does it?  Guess you know how I came out on the test...

Thanks again.  A good day to all...

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