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Posted by Don Aters on 03/15/02 - 02:43:05
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Rush,'re beating a dead horse.  I'll tell you an interesting story.  years ago, I had been home from Vietnam about nine months, long enough to marry the cheerleader, i.e., girl of my dreams.  I went for a ride with the basketball players from my high school team, into Louisville, 4th street, 2:00 P.M, right in the middle of town.  A group of panthers from Oakland were intown at a rally trying to get MLK and his birthday into a national holiday.  of course, every place they went, a riot ensued.  One of them leaned from a moving truck, swung a six-pound pipe and hit me in the face.  Almost desroyed my parents, killed a short lived marriage due to a decade of plastic surgery and rehab's not a black thing, never was in my mind.  It's an ignorance problem to try and kill someone for no apparent reason.  They could have been green and it wouldn't have changed a single thing.
Unfortunately, narrow minds are prevelant in this country and you can't change it.
You go on being you, fuck the idiots.

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