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Posted by E on 03/15/02 - 02:37:36
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Paul S.,
I guess ya can't Open the Life Mag. from that Cover.  I DID want to.  I can find it otherwise--because that is the year I graduated High School and met Ray.

It would be kool to see what they were sayin' again.  That's the common stuff that was under noses then.  

I've NEVER been one to get all hooked up in nostalgia.  I'm way more into tomorrow night.

but....Comes a Time.....I mean Life.

And now I apologize--non Bay area ones--but I know there's one Florida fan out there........

And Michael(Bones)Borbridge would like me to remind you that Dylan may come by.  He also welcomes Kantner.  I just follow directions.
We will be going to this one.  Thanks for your patience, Artski.  You can get after me anytime.

March 22 at Shattuck Down Low!   NightFire!



WOW!  You asked for more space -- you got it!

Come to NightFire's opening performance at SHATTUCK DOWN LOW !!!

HARVEY MANDEL, lead guitar (Canned Heat, John Mayall & The Rolling Stones.
FREDDIE ROULETTE, lap steel guitar  (John Lee Hooker, etc.)
MICHAEL "BONES" BORBRIDGE, drums ( Elvin Bishop, etc.)    
MICHAEL WARREN, bass guitar (Merl Saunders Rainforest Band, etc.)

...and SPECIAL GUESTS To Be Announced!

FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 2002
9:00 PM to 12:30 AM  (Doors open at 8)

2284 Shattuck Avenue (at Bancroft, next door to Pasand)
Berkeley, California 94704
(510) 548-1159

$8 cover charge

Be sure to join us at the beautiful and spacious (capacity 350!) new Shattuck
Down Low Lounge.  It's the former Mr. E's (Pete Escovedo's), right by the
downtown Berkeley BART station, with parking 1 block north on Kittredge.  
There's  comfortable downstairs lounge seating, with hard bar, appetizer
menu, pool table, and lots of room for dancing!  As usual, we'll have special
guests, so don't miss out on any of the fun!

Please tell friends,
Thanks again,

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