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Posted by Kevin R Schmidt on 03/14/02 - 20:59:09
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You should not have omitted the section about Jesse Jackson.  Obviously, you feel the Sat Night Live skit about Mr. Jackson weakened your argument. It impeaches your credibility to represent facts fairly on first presentation.

Jay's post was ambiguous and she admitted it in a later post.  You argue that it can be reasoned she is black.  But I can also argue she was a member of the faculty and I had no prior knowledge she was black.  The expression supports both our positions.  Your questioning my ability to comprehend colloquial English is not an issue.  It is a well established doctrine that when two separate and distinct meanings can be inferred from the same expression a cause for injury cannot be sustained.

Again, I had no prior knowledge that Jay was black.  As for her pictures being in the photo section.  I have not viewed that section until today and did not find any picture of her anywhere.  Furthermore, I am under no obligation or duty to view the photo gallery or any part of this site to check for race, gender, handicap, religion, and sexual orientation of any A-Deck participants.  Since I never viewed her picture, I am calling your credibility into question.  Let me remind you that manufacturing fictions Mr. Rush will only impeach your credibility.  So your argument that her pictures are in the photo gallery is completely irrelevant and without merit.

In your January and current postings you have consistently made well seasoned expressions indicting yourself as a person who is predisposed to prejudicial tendencies.  Mr. Rush, you, Ms. Mann, and other's of your kind are the one's who are in denial over your prejudicial tendencies.  I will [not] yield to the liberal pity party victimization politics.  

I have not made any prejudicial or racial statements.  I owe [absolutely] no one an apology!  

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