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Posted by Rush on 03/14/02 - 13:04:33
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You didn't know she was black???  It was in the posts.  So it's her fault that you didn't or can't read well enough to have known this?  Yet you spouted off your typical blowhard useless rhetoric.  And you were "concerned for the students?"  How so?  Concerned that they might learn to stand up for themselves against racist comments?  Is it your place to dictate that school's policy?  Are you a member of the faculty?  No, you can not turn the tables on me calling me prejudice Kevin.  However, that's very typical of racist to do so.  We all know where you stand on that issue.  You had made it very clear.  You wree the big man who was proud of what he said at the time....No aplogies - remember??

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