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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 03/14/02 - 12:40:01
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Back in 70 and 71 when I first started buying bootleg albums.  It was because I could get a live show with some killer songs that never made it onto commercial releases.  

When CD's came out in the early 80's a lot of botleggers would record the bootleg album directly onto the CD, pops, tics, and all other surface noise.  

Then in the early 90's bootleg CD were repackaged into commercial looking CD releases and sound in mainstream retail chains, such as Tower, etc..  Those are easy to spot by just looking at the back and reading the copy right information. Many times you will see the [c] but not the [p], which is a dead give away. The country of origin is some tropical island or a company you never heard of.  The plastic wrap of the CD is more elastic than the wrap used on legitimate CD's.

Presently, Santana has a bumpercrop of bootleg CD's in the stores.  Its the same 3 record set they have been trying to sell since the mid 80's.  As long as the distributor can show the documentation that the product stock is legitimate.  Retailers can sell these bogus CD's.

I agree, tape trading discussion do not belong here.  

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