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Posted by Kevin R Schmidt on 03/14/02 - 11:49:06
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Incorrect!  She opened with a strong, arrogant, and demanding post.  I only responded in equal response.  Nothing I said was racist or prejudicial.

Sorry, Ethel, but I'm not going to be [manipulated] on this one.  Now I understand your comment from several months back about maybe a black woman on the board should respond to my comment about art and women "pushing maximum density".  You knew from day one JWF was black and you played the race card right up until your recent post today.  You and Rush both knew and neither of you said anything.  Was this your way of trying to get me to come around to [your way] of agreeing?  A public embarrassment?  Manipulation?  Sorry, it didn't work.  

Ethel and Rush, get a life!!!

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