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Posted by Kevin R Schmidt on 03/14/02 - 11:43:57
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In her original post she said she was "with the faculty."  Had she crafted a better response saying she agreed with the faculty and was [not] a member of that faculty as she clarified in a later post.  The entire tone of my post would have been completely different or I may not have responded at all to her.  I also posted that I was concerned about the student's academic career.  Because I [reasonably believed] she was a member of the faculty I was concerned she go to the Dean to have the school take disciplinary action against the student to make a political statement.  The student can easily be identified by the school's IP address.

I had no knowledge what so ever that she was black until I read your current post.  You have the one who has been preludial comments.  You don't know me, you don't know anything about me.  So you cannot escape the conclusion that you are the one who is [prejudice].  

As for being culturally [sensitive] to other's as the popular buzz phrase goes.  That is just a polite way of saying: You can say [anything] you want as long as you agree with us.  But if we disagree with you.  You will be censored and severely castigated by the politically correct.  [Sorry], but I am not anyone's lapdog.

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