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Posted by Cricket on 03/14/02 - 10:04:12
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I'm tossing the last one in, hoping, I s'pose, that if we wanna start fights by calling names, we at least open things up a bit more. How 'bout a FOOD FIGHT? (Any "Animal House fans on deck?) If we can't actually throw slimy potato peels & stinky wet wilted cilantro at each other, we could at least get things going with, "En garde, you slimy little mushroom!" & so on...

To be briefly serious:

Bill, as you know, I didn't enjoy that particular aria of Kevin's, either, & said so back then, blah blah... After the war, while waiting to collect veterans benefits (Hey, M.C.: where the h ARE they? I've been waiting!), I went back & re-read his libretto.  However [blah blah blah] the melody, I didn't see anything in what Kevin said that was clearly "racist" [in fact, as Kevin soon discovered, the aria could be counter-attacked from several different positions at once].

I have no wish to drag that particular bone out again & chew at it (pardon the mixed metaphors), but if you do & others want to, I propose that you be absolutely specific about anything you consider to be racist or on a par with the KKK, etc. -- so that other people can consider the "evidence" & decide for themselves.  Otherwise, it seems to me you're making insinuations, asking people to take your word for it, or getting into name-calling -- none of which furthers our understanding, I think.

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