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Posted by John ManyJohns on 03/14/02 - 04:02:32
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While I don't post here every hour or even every day it's always interesting in seeing what pops up here on any given's never a dull read.

All of my fellow cronies here on Planet 10 thoughly enjoy the often funny banter and off (sometimes way off) topic it Latin, Wine, Lyme, monkeys, subversive politics, other favorite musicians and of course our favorite dysfunctional family The Jeffersons

Everyone keep on flying

John Appleseed
John Bigbooté
John Carter
John Doe
John Elton
John Elway
John Gomez
John Humperdinck
John Kennedy
John Littlejohn
John Cougar Mellencamp
John Milton
John O'Connor
John O'Malley
John Osmond
John Parker
John Ramone
John Rotten
John Sununu
John Travolta
John Wayne
John Whorfin
John Yaya

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