January 22

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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 03/14/02 - 00:43:33
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I suggest you go back and reread "Hate Crimes" that I posted on January 22.  There was absolutely no racist remarks made in [any] of my post during that week of war.  Several people who initially criticized even went back days later and reread what I wrote.  They even stated in their post that they felt nothing I wrote was racist.  That is because I didn't say anything racist.

For your edification, Hate Crimes was written as a hypothetical question that would be used on a Criminal Law final exam in law school.  I wanted to make a point that legislation passed using subjective standards creates special privileges and [does] not promote the equitable administration of justice.  You and other people had a problem with the fact that I challenged you with the same expressions you wish to censor against the backdrop of the same subjective standards you want society to adopt.  When you do an analysis of Hate Crimes objectively it challenged you, Jay Whitefeather, and others right down to the base foundation of your ideology.  It was, and still is easier for you and others to attack me than to ask yourselves if your position on an issue was wrong.

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