New  Poem    (JIm Powell, Berkeley)

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Posted by Hope  (character I once played) on 03/14/02 - 00:25:32
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Decks awash
cabin flooded
waves slapping at her hatchway
this little sloop
parted her mooring in the storm

and went adrift
driven broadside
against the other shore and foundered
stuck fast in bay mud
lashed for salvage alongside the jetty

mast akilter:
scavengers stripped
jib and bowsprit impromptu.
At high tide
entirely submerged her milky specter

filters upward.
Downward, daylight
penetrates a porthole
wallowing inside her cabin

where tidal flux
and salt commence
the slow dispersal of her remnants,
the cold ebb fingering
capsized memorabilia.


In the title, _Psyche_ is italicized.




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