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Posted by Eth on 03/13/02 - 19:12:00
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Perhaps the extremity of Kevin's infamous
post was caused by an intense desire to satisfy the Master.  The Edge WAS called for by him.

My belief is that the Master merely hoped for a thoughtful, penetrating discussion, which Jay Whitefeather opened in a strong, polite, dignified, and challenging way, as is her usual wont to do. KEVIN posted, and the discussion ended.

WAR broke out.

And the wounded are still in their bunkers.

Mistakes happen--even BIG ones.
Is everyone a Nazi?  I don't think so---but maybe I'm wrong.  I go to my bunker a lot--but I come back out pinned to the Wheel.

Situations develop---NOT JUST---people are jerks.

Very true: "nothing is written".

Though this may sound melodramatic--my heart breaks that we should lose VALUED contributers to this board, for the sake of a cursory understanding of one another.  With a bit more time and perhaps 'Blind Faith', situations can be unraveled.

And to Rush and Jay--do you really believe the entire body of work stemming from the artist's
crucible---does not at least to some extent reflect the persuasion of his heart?  What have you loved?  Jay, please come back here.  

I care not that I whistle in the wind.


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