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Posted by Dave on 03/13/02 - 16:59:11
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"Bootlegged JA/JS shows" is an oxymoron given that the JA allowed and that JS allows taping. All tapes I make are for TRADE only. Absolutely no selling EVER. No money, no "extra discs", etc. Even with all of the taping that is allowed, I strongly urge everyone to buy ATSOS, the original DSVS and the other CIA CDs that are for sale. That BBs 2000 show is killer. ATSOS is far, far superior to anything I've made. A/B comparisons prove it. If you can buy these shows via the CIA Web, do it.

In general, I find it poor taste to talk about trading JA/JS CDs on this board. That is what and 2400Fulton is for. This is where I trade. I trade videos too. So in conclusion, there are many shows    available for trade, none for sale except thru the band & CIA. Do not ever buy boots. Do buy the goods sold via CIA and this site.

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