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Posted by Mission Control on 03/13/02 - 15:25:28
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Veterans of the board well know of my previous disagreements with Kevin & Astronomer Royale Keith Rice in the UK.  However, it ain't about brown nosin' - it's about seeing through the bullshit, whether it's mine, Paul's, Jack's, Jorma's.

Clapton called his post Cream super-group "Blind Faith" for just this reason.

Garcia gakked up a fatal furball for just this reason.

I stopped following Hot Tuna - AND for those who know me well - I've been following them since before Ron Dudley did his famous stage announcements ... since before the bizarre pairing of Billy Cobham's Big Band & Acoustic (bald from speed-skating-sheared-locks) Hot Tuna @ The Academy in '74, wherein Jorma taped a microphone to his Gibson J-50 - in other words I am as familiar with their musical virtues as any fan.
I am also familiar with their down side (we all have one, don't we) - Jorma's cruel dissing of Jack in 1978 (the Jorma-Steeler duet where Jack found out he was booted out at the last minute), Jorma's cruel dissing of Jack's terrific punk band SVT in 1979 (god rest Brian Marnell - they WERE truly terrific in that Clash-Jam motif!), the shockingly aweful reunion tour of 1983, the odd
evaporation of Jorma's songwriting (ever notice, starting with "New Song" in 1970, Jorm's composed poignant, brilliant original material, "Been So Long," "Sea Child" etc. - right up through Hopkorv - & then NOTHING over the last 25 years).  Does this not strike anyone else as truly bizarre?


Some people like seeing those Rev. Gary Davis songs re-played to death (don't have no mercy!) ... some people like seeing The Monkees as shtick - I prefer neither.
Partisan as I am, I posit that Slick Aguilar has taken his craft further in recent years than Jorma though he'll never get fair acknowledgement for it.  It's funny how Hot Tuna had their 5 piece going strong ... Pete Sears - a marvelous addition - & now it's back to a two piece.  If this was for musical reasons, I would second the emotion - but it is not.  I will observe the proper decorum & refrain from elucidating truths & realities that would break any Hot Tuna fan's heart.  I will spare you the aweful truth, but suffice to say - this forum is about ideas & opinions that are delightfully variable, sometimes confrontational, sometimes solicitous, but always (to be hoped) thought provoking & ultimately fun>

This is why I was tickled by JC's posts concerning
the lack of a similar forum in Tuna-world.  

Your absolutely right Dave - Jorma doesn't want a board because the truth can hurt.

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