Saving San Francisco's Prized Musee Mecanique

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Posted by John Murray on 03/13/02 - 15:22:46
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to date over 7200 folks have signed this petition
thanks to amy for spreading the word via internet.
a great place to watch the 15+ foot surf pounding
our coast today..

Saving San Francisco's Prized Musee Mecanique

I don't know how many of you have been to the Musee Mecanique, but if  
you have and don't want to see it disappear, please go to the link  
below and sign the petition to save it. Right now, it's scheduled to  
close in September because of upcoming renovations to the Cliff  
House. If you haven't been there, it's is one of the largest  
privately owned collections of Antique coin-operated automatic  
mechanical musical instruments in the world. There are over 160  
machines consisting of Grand-Ma Fortune Tellers, lovetellers,  
strength testers, photo booths and several games of chance and skill  
dating back from the 1880's thru the present. All of the "Penny  
Arcade" machines are in their original working condition so you can  
play and enjoy them as they were originally intended. Admission is  
free but all machines are coin operated so if you go, bring lots of  
quarters. I always try to take visitors to S.F. there and they always  
love it!

Thanks, Amy

P.S. Even if you don't want to sign, but think you know people who  
might be interested, please pass this on.

Save San Francisco's Musee Mecanique

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