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Posted by don aters on 03/13/02 - 10:53:57
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Thanks Carl,
but this isn't stress............stress is 750,000 of plastic surgery that would cost five million now, stress is raising four kids i didn't make and being restricted due to excessive rehab, stress is dealing with lost friends and a country that says, "We leave no one behind" but.............did.
It's an attitude that comes from inner city life of downtown Chicago, two tours in Vietnam dealing with 13 other guys on missions of ten day increments that evolved into more like thirty days.
Kevin can't make me angry, he has no idea what angry is other than "My dog is bigger than your dog", I just yhink Jack  needs someone to stand for him while all this backstabbing bullshit goes on.  I would do it for PK, marty, TC........hell, i would do it for you.  It's in the blood but.............stress doesn't come with, it comes easily for me if i think it's right and "fear" never enters the scenario.  much to late after what I've seen to let some Latin speaking airhead make me personally angry.
Gotta go, meeting The Rowan brothers at 11:00 in Marin County.

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