Stress and Anger

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Posted by Carl on 03/13/02 - 10:31:11
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We love ya man and just don't want to see anything happen to you...and I know heart atacks are real and stressing out only increases your chances of having one.  Sounds like you have been through enough shit for two lifetimes...chill and let the rest of us decide on our own who is an ass and who isn't...but keep printing the truth as you see and know it.  And if you haven't heard it enough before now, thanks for your military service.  I still cannot watch anything on Vietnam without crying.  That war has influenced my entire life's vision on our government and big business.  And after 48 years of life (on March 18) it continues to define my innermost feeling of not trusting people in authority.  My 315 draft lottery birthday ranking kept me away as I would never have volunteered.  That's one of the reasons I gravitate to this site...I'm still striving for that 'revolution' that PK invisioned.


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