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Posted by Carl on 03/13/02 - 09:03:15
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I'm sensing a new feeling that I haven't had before...I'm actually beginning to appreciate Kevin's sense of humor and his wit.  It took a hell of an effort to do all of the Latin posts, and he certainly knows which buttons to push to send Don and others into a rant!  So keep it up Kev, say what's on your mind, and let's all hope Don doesn't get too stressed and has a heart attack, or gets physically hurt due of his seemingly pent up anger.  I have spent the better part of my life trying to justify my actions to others for total acceptance.  Know what?  It ain't gonna happen...ever.  You can only control your own actions, not the responses of others.  Moral to story is to Be Young You, don't take things so seriously, and do what pleases you without hurting others.  Pulling legs are OK, just don't amputate!  Life is too short and there is already enough evil in this world to perpetuate it here.  And where Kevin's nose goes is between him and PK...hey, now I'm agreeing with Don!!!  All of this harmony must be because I'm listening to live humpback whale songs from Maui while I type.  Awesome!!  EM if you would like the web site.  Damn, they sorta sound like the Backstreet Boys on a good day...

Peace (please...)

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