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Posted by Cricket on 03/13/02 - 08:49:20
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A little poem for your day, con amor...

     I AM

I assume a Buddha-like expression in the mirror.
All that is needed now is to remove the doubt
lingering in my eyes, staring back at me
with amusement.  It could be the Buddha,
all comprehending, entertained
to see me wish for that
which already should have been.

And so I am not he, nor can ever attain
to his role, but that he could shine
out of my eyes in the mirror tells me
he exists because I wish for that
which, as Buddha, I should have become.

I am, and so Buddha and I are not one,
but this is for my human self
to know he exists and that I exist
in his eyes and am understood.

David Ignatow

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