Jorma can come too.  I think he's been here.

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Posted by Ethel on 03/12/02 - 20:36:29
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Yes.  It's called a community.
Root word: communicate

And it's not all sniping.  

This is what real stuff is like. Infuriating. boring, exhalting, embarassing, stimulating, dead, lively, funny, stupid, sick,insane, obsessive, combative, passionate, knowledgeable, ignorant, supportive, destructive, Well worth it, Not worth it.  You're back again---AREN'T YOU?

I would be most happy to discuss a subject of your selection with you, to the best of my ability.  Though given your opinion of my posts, I'm sure that offer is not particularly thrilling to you.  Still, it stands...and that's the best anyone can do on here.

You sure are yawning a lot!   What subject would be stimulating?  JS themselves, JS history only, or Current political information?  Perhaps painting and sculpture, human behavior, witty repartee, musicians, Kent State activists, the teaching community, high level chefs, other non-JS musicians, or broader musical discussions?

Perhap you really need human concern???

If I personally have nothing to offer you, we have experts in all of the above areas, and many of 'em really like to talk together.  We always need more involved participants to keep it from being the stale, boring thing you so love to hate visiting.

Why don't you join us?

Some people joining this board were committed and interested enough to read back to the first day!
Imagine------we ARE NUTS.


Personally, I would love to see a larger community

I'm curious, what is the exact nature of the perfect board you are looking for?


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