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Posted by carolyn on 03/12/02 - 19:35:45
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you are a very sweet person "Ethel.

at Eric's suggestion, i headed over to delaware valley college friday.  they are an agricultural school in doyelstown.  they told me the health dept is the ones who order these studies, so i headed over to the bucks co health dept.  the lyme person was not there, but i spoke with her asst. a very knowlegable nurse.  she said they did what they could to help educate the drs, distrubuting pamplets and posters.  i told her i had been into see drs who have there trusty lyme posters in the waiting rm but are still clueless.  she sympathetically agreed.  she said she was sure studies have been done on the ticks, but as far as i know, they haven't researched what percentage are carrying what coinfections.  she said right now they are focusing on west nile virus because that is what is in the media.  we do need to study it, but it is still an extremely rare disease.  lyme is now a serious epidemic, but that is kept out of the media.  babesia is on the rise too.  she told me she would forward my name to someone there.  she also suggested i go downstairs to the county extention office which is connected to penn state.

i spoke with the girl there.  she listened intently, looked at my photo's, asked some questions, and zeroxed some of my info.  she gave me the name of someone in state college to email.  i think i will forward that to my support group leader and let her email as she is more knowlegable than i.  i told the girl that one in four people here has the disease, most undiagnosed or misdiagnosed and especially since this has been a very warm winter, it is going to be a bad year for lyme and to be careful.  she told me she had lyme, got treated , but still has symptoms.  i asked her how she got diagnosed, what drd diagnosed her and what treatment she got.  she told me she got the rash and got treated with pennicillin for 4 wks.   i shook my head.  wrong abx, and not long enough.  for an early infection the treatment is 6 weeks of doxycycline and test for coinfections which is now very common in nj and pa.  well, everywhere i go, i meet lymies!

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